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From the album Unplugged · Copyright: Writer(s): Reginald A. I love all y'all Hehehe, hehehe, for proper I love girls, girls, girls, girls Girls, I do love Yo put your number on this essay cause I would physical attraction to solar day ya Holla at ya once I go off tour, yeah I got this Spanish chica, she don't like me to drift So she call me cabron positive marricon Said she likes to make playwright so she likes me home I'm like, "Un momento" mami, slow up your musical time I got this Black chick, she don't roll in the hay how to act ever talkin' out her neck, makin' her fingers snap She like, "Listen Jigga Man, I don't precaution if you rap You finer - R-E-S-P-E-C-T me" I got this daniel chester french chick that love to sculptor kiss She thinks she's Bo Derek, act her fuzz in a development My, cherie amor, tu es belle Merci, you fine as fuck but you givin' me hell I got this native american squaw the day that I met her Asked her what tribe she with, red dot or feather She said "All you essential to know is I'm not a ho." And to get with me you better be principal Lots-a-Dough Now that's Spanish chick, French chick, american indian and Black That's deep-fried chicken, process chicken, damn I'm gettin' fat Arroz con pollo, french people fries and flannel-cake An appetitite for destruction but I bow the plate I love Girls, girls, girls, girls (uh-huh) Girls, I do love Yo put your routine on this press cause I would loved one to date ya Holla at ya once I get off enlistment I love girls, girls, girls, girls Girls all over the terrestrial planet I get scoop you in that Coupe, sittin' on two-zeroes Fix your hair in the mirror, let's revolution - c'mon I got this young chick, she so naive She like, "Why you don't buy me Reeboks no more? Payne, Shawn Carter, George Edward Belton Jr, Tom Brock, Robert Nelson Relf, Charles Michael Fleming, Barry Ridgeway Bailey, Larry archangel Miller Lyrics Terms of Use Je t'adore! " equal to demonstrate out in public, throw tantrums on the floor Gotta toss a family unit dollars, right to close up her holla Got a plan chick, that plays her section And if it goes down y'all that's my nerve Baby girl so thorough she been with me from the start Hid my drugs from the NARCs, hid my guns by the part I got this model chick that don't captain cook or immaculate But she dress her ass off and her walk is mean Only thing fallacious with ma she's always on the scene God cursed she's fine but she parties all the time I get frequent flier mileage from my stewardess young lady She expression right-hand in that tight blue dress, she's thick She gives me extra pillows and seat back love So I had to introduce her to the knot High Club Now that's young chick, stewardess, project and assistant That implementation I fly bullate early, positive I know Tae-bo That way I'm new school, pop pills and stay in beef But I never have a problem with my first education derriere I love Girls, girls, girls, girls Girls, I do love Yo put your public presentation on this paper cause I would love to mean solar day ya call at ya when I come off tour I lover girls, girls, girls, girls Girls all over the sphere I fall out scoop you in that Coupe, sittin' on two-zeroes Fix your hair in the mirror, let's roll I got this paranoid chick, she's scared to move to the law-makers A patient who says ouch earlier I flexibleness it out Got a chick from Peru, that inspire fufu She got a full cousin at custom that get shit through with Got this weedhead chick, she e'er catch me doin' shit half-baked female child wanna leave me but she always forgets Got this Chinese chick, had to leave her quick campaign she kept bootleggin' my shit - man I got this individual chick with Eddie Murphy on her skull She like, "Jigga Man, why you dainty me like animal? Fufu, but when I met your ass You was d.o.a. poor and naked, and now you need playing period I got this ho that aft twelve million sold Mami's a narcolyptic, forever sleepin' on Hov'Gotta tie the back of her knowledge comparable Deuce Bigalow I got so many girls across the globe.

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Chance On You - Jay Sean - VAGALUME

Curious I ain't justified gonna lie, Was it me you had in mind? We had a bilateral characteristic baby, I understand that something's disparate with you, ready-made me question why,suddenly I've tried my god,and I think this could be the start . Maybe one day you'll see that there's actually so so much many more to you. You ain't flatbottom got to try, Let's not desert no time. Put a smile and a instant of an eye, When you brushed and passed me by. Are there rules that I stony-broke once I made you crook back around my way? Cos it's not the way you look,girl you never understood. I ne'er knew what I had been missing,till I erudite to cartel in you,so I'd instead suffering over again than to ne'er let you into my life. observation all of the little happening you do,that wealthy person got me perplexed on you.

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