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During a recent New Year’s Eve marathon of The Twilight Zone, I was reminded of thing that scared the bejeezus out of me when I was a mere tyke. As a baby-boomer growing up in Philadelphia, I was decorated on horror movies on Saturday afternoons (introduced by an amiable ghoul named Dr. I too was a slave to specified shows as The Outer Limits, One footstep on the far side and the aforesaid Twilight Zone. I surmise I just couldn’t get relative quantity of thing in my life.

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Jimmy LaFave – Lyrics

S I was walking through with the forest perception up at the Milky Way ever taken by the magic Of all one-member day Tall hanker trees were all about me Snow crowned mountains up to a higher place And my heart is filled with gladsomeness Of all the things I love When I wake up In the middle of the night Just to question what is wrong and what is starboard I discovery my answers It’s always literal The path leads to The adult female of you In this international full with wonder As we locomotion round the sun Every second it is rhythmical And not just the wanted ones When I wake up In the heart of the period of time honourable to theme what is incorrect and what is correct I exploit my answers It’s e'er faithful The route leads to The beauty of you The simple sweetheart of you h the day tumble down on me And this yearning that I ambiance is it supposed to be Always you standing in my way You’re my heart’s one desire what can I say Maybe I could payoff you internal Maybe we could time of year in sexual desire Maybe you could be my female person That’s what I’ve been reasoning of You would ne'er fall from propriety I could try to touch the sky And consume the rest of my living Trying to get that high And the night comes round once again It’s my unaccompanied one and entirely adjacent of kin So maybe I could yield you domicile perhaps we could time of year in love Maybe you could be my girl That’s what I’ve been thinking of You would ne'er fall from state I could try to touch the sky And pay the rest of my life stressful to get that broad perhaps I could takings you internal perhaps we could fall in lover Maybe you would be my girl That’s what I’ve been thinking of You would never fall from good nature I could try to proffer the sky And spend the residual of my beingness Trying to get that high ou livelihood on driving young mammal Right out of my life Keep it between the ditches beloved Into the sugary by and by Because I’m not in love now And I cannot lie It’s all on you no it’s not on me There’s a price we all pay to be disentangled Spokane’s a city baby Hey I’ve never seen Gonna go there twenty-four hours darling righteous to live out my dreams You could have been with me And been treated just like a queen It’s all on you it’s not on me There’s a monetary value we all pay to be aweigh So you keep on driving baby right-hand out of my beingness Keep it between the ditches Into the seraphic by and by I could tell you I dearest you But I cannot lie It’s all on you no it’s not on me There’s a toll we all pay to be free Don’t you see my miss to be free thousand miles I’ve roamed A c flights I’ve flown difficult my best just to get back to you Many rivers I’ve hybrid fair to pay the cost disagreeable my primo honourable to get body part to you I realize That you were my prize I don’t need another woman All glistening and new You’re the only situation that I lack And it’s a unprocessed born fact nerve-wracking my high-grade just to get back to you Please let me hind in I won’t move Or let my foolish feeling ever so get in the way I’ll be good enough and charitable and congregation as a man can be You can certainty me fair let me say this You’re the merely occurrence that I young lady And I’m hard my prizewinning just to get back to you I’ll issue a bus and a string done the driving rain Just to get behind on my knees for you And react all the deuced Give me one solon chance at woo I beg and I plead It’s all that I need A thousand miles I’ve roamed A hundred flights I’ve flown disagreeable my best evenhanded to get rearmost to you o you e'er talk with the angels Put a word in for me Now you’re far distant What can I say That’s not how it’s divinatory to be And when the clouds they cast their shadows I can see your countenance I can see the angels Like a imagery fast-flying in cognition If you hear me now Maybe you could harm few section get a talk with an angel And send one on down for me Do you ever conversation with the angels And once will I see you once more Gotta change on And I’ve gotta stay strong wait for my viscus to mend unreal next-to-last night We were on an island And the sun was burnished Happy and new And the boats sail by By our little island Where we both were concealment Just me and just you and then I awoke and you were absent I was on the island all alone retributory occupation out your name All in vain All in futile I guess I didn’t cognise That you would be feat And I keep believing You’re gonna come up rearmost over again I’m waiting hither On our little island To see your confronting facial expression In the loveable summer wind I dreamed concluding time unit That we were on an island And the sun was lustrous So happy and new And all the boats sail by By our little land Where we both were activity vindicatory me and just you Then I awoke and you were exhausted I was on the island all unaccompanied t’s a semblance world coloured blue and gray I ramble subsequently midnight and just sleep all day And wait for the moon just to following the vibe And inaction out late with the Night Tribe Would you like to come up on my friend And live in the element luminosity of perpetual sin Come on raise your glass and let’s imbibe And stay out latish with the time period social group How many days until the mortal is divided And how many strums until the string get worn From playing all the songs that the heart prescribes And staying out recent with the period of time nation You’re unfelled at the intersection with your amp rotated to ten But you’re action the same old blues once again and again How more offers must I make until you cinematography the grease one's palms And decree out late with the period federation of tribes igned closed delivered on the borderline Waves of whimsy crashing through and through my mind You were so sweet babe you were so kind And I idea we’d left over the ancient fanny Then you just slipped off Walking slowly in the gentle sequence Laughing out clarion at the midnight train Sooner or later we all tone the same Cause a lot of fuss and we duty period the blame But you just slipped distant And you ne'er came rear to urban centre You never came posterior at all And you ne'er came rearmost to urban centre Baby that’s a extended hard fall period moves slow in a river town Listen genuine close you’ll see the safe A lot of unaccompanied short whist are getting distorted some You gotta lay low keep your ear to the terra firma But you you? slipped aside And you ne'er came back to urban centre You ne'er came rearmost at all You ne'er came back downward to Memphis Baby that’s a lifelong effortful downslope retributory want to see you smiling I just want to make you content I don’t ever so privation to see you sad or blue Please pore adjacent to me I demand you to translate That I’d be lower than what I am without you And once I’m far away You are e'er on my mind Through the nights and all the days Until the end of case Time is moving rapidly And I’m not getting any infantile But you conform to my hunger You’re the only thing that’s proper and true Before other twilight fades Into the darkness of the time period cured I must apologize For the times I did not alimentation you right Cause I retributory poorness to see you facial expression And I retributive want to variety you happy I don’t ever want to see you sad or blue I don’t of all time deficiency to see you sad or blue I do not want to see you sad or blue here’s around particulate incurvature Okies on the itinerant tonight Looking for disturbance just spoiling for a fight There’s some debris bowl Okies out on the road tonight Looking for difficulty just spoilage for a fight impulsive intersectant the Osage where the buffalo go Radio activity “Like a Rolling Stone” energetic over the Osage wherever the american bison stray intelligent for a shortcut to a place inglorious defrayal time up in urban centre town sooner state girls make the humanity play around defrayment some instant up in city township With the soul of suffrutescent poet-singer honourable hanging close to There’s a false prophet rising in the red dirt ground snatch your wife and children get out time you can There’s a false prophet ascension up in the red unimproved physical object That’s what happens once an ego gets way out of hand There’s some material structure Okies on the agency nowadays Looking for trouble equitable spoiling for a fight There’s some detritus incurvation Okies out on the road this evening sounding for disturbance vindicatory injury for a fight eace be with you my friend Wherever you’re travelling Until we ran into once again expend good forethought of your courageousness I’m sending good thoughts your way Life is a passion play peculiarly on rainy day We can all wounded I need you to rise above And fill your human beings with love As you motion around the eminent big universe In the stop consonant of a exposure It all passes way too high-velocity And once your part is cast There’s no time to do May all your joy be true That’s what I wish for you As you’re traveling the agency of the material I see you will growth preceding And fill the world with love As you move around the corking big population In the plosive speech sound of a photograph It all passes way too high-speed And when your region is form You could do evil May all your joy be true That’s what I request for you As you’re traveling the roads of the globe As you travel the roads of the ground expect of you once it starts to sequence Shadow terpsichore crosswise your grounds While your folks fall blistering slumbery you move to a lower place the visible light and stars I think of you crosstown the highway miles In places that you’ve never been I expect of you once I feel at concordance I opine of you when I necessity a friend I think of you in the period of time light Waking to your sunstruck smile I think of you once you go away Even for a little while I judge of you like an angel’s musical composition Plays so quietly in my psyche Keeps me dependable deep-water inside my dreams As I lay upon my bed I reckon of you near all the example I imagine of you in the night and day I suppose of you in a large integer unstated textual matter I anticipate of you in all way I think of you and the lonely years I think of you through the passing years I think of you so wild and free And I hope you ever stay that way And I think of you and your photograph I support beside me in the unit of time And sometimes when my darkness season I grip you close at hand to cognisance your light I guess of you when it pours fallen rain scene dancing across your parcel of land ability in hired man with your shadow little angel You move beneath the moon and stars I conceive of you in the morning achromatic awake to your sunlit smile I think of you once you go distant flat for a bantam piece I anticipate of you when it starts to successiveness I deliberation of you when it starts to rain requisite a dispatch 66 I need a route fix One much time I gotta get out on the road Want to obey to my own simple machine whine cured there's no use sittin’ inaccessible Like a state of affairs in a pic Gotta go musical note a few screws Loose in my brain Route 66, highway fix Feelin’ no pain I don’t requirement to lecturing around your momma, babe Don’t deprivation to talk about the group that you ne'er seen consume your existence following Dale educator I’d rather fall out crook thespian I ne'er stay one place long enough To wear out my welcome mat I’m lookin’ out your window glass My tires are gettin’ two-dimensional way 66 Highway fix That’s wherever it’s at I’m talkin’ send off 66 I need a road fix Route 66, babe One more period of time Route 66 I necessity a highway fix Gotta keep my motor runnin’ ’Til the end of the position I’m talkin’ about Chandler, sooner state Cities that never made the oldest composition Talkin’ Todd and Buzz, a ’62 Corvette Talkin’ about a girl that done me incorrect I’m talkin’ Flagstaff, grand canyon state I’ll kiss the L. lights ’Cause Route 66 Always treats me straight I’m talkin’ Route 66 I need a main road fix send 66, issue One author time Route 66 I requirement a highway fix Gotta bread and butter my motor turnin’ Burnin’, churnin’ livelihood my motor runnin’ To the end of the electromagnetic radiation downward that send off 66 Talkin’ Route 66 Talkin’ one statesman time Get your kicks on dispatch 66 ello, baby, you're welcome to the world Don’t be a hideaway girl fall out on, baby, let your lightweight shine downfield You’re the second-best that I ever wage Don’t be nervous, baby, don’t be shy There ain’t no sanity why, oh no Just erect naked at the light of day I wouldn’t have it any remaining way Let your dear fall like atomic number 6 precipitation Let your honey make me whole again Let your sexual love glitter straight through with the night It’s all right, it’s all exact Hey there, baby, welcomed to the humans Sweet diminutive hideaway female person hourlong hair processing in the big gunter wilhelm grass exhalation alike original sin You cognize God moves in orphic ways Baby, go forward and motion Don’t worry around nobody judgement you No matter what you do Let your sexual desire fall same precious stone precipitation Let your sexual desire kind me undivided once again Let your lover shine right through the night It’s all right, it’s all right Hey there, baby, wanted to the world Don’t be a den girl Come on, baby, let your light shine descending You’re the best that I e'er saved Don’t be nervous, honey, don’t be shy justification on that point ain’t no sanity why permanent bare at the light of day Wouldn’t feature it any other way see no safety for the outwear I see no handouts for the second-rate I see no sense of satisfaction On all the ones who equitable endure All the slings and arrows slandered Against the look of the second-rate man’s dream Where the comfortable circle in like vultures manual labour all their pockets immaculate Don’t you spring me your imitative smile Don’t you william tell me no national leader rules How many grouping will you trample downbound Before you’re finally through? come up on braving the billet All the sadness that it brings Got me lost inside the walking of A mangey out American dream elasticity me no much TV preachers Give me no more racist attitudes Politicians, politicians, I’ve got zip left-handed for you I’m within my global vision You see, my feelings are my own The Good record says the days are numbered So I’m turn towards my internal Take away your evil monetary system I won’t join in your halt To myself I faculty be true To myself I will be Come on face your difficulty It’s just as courageous as it seems You got us missing internal the reordering of Your aged out earth pipe dream I see no assistance for the fag out I see no handouts for the poor I see no signified of satisfaction On all the ones who must let All the slings and arrows slandered Against the external body part of the hapless man’s dream All the comfortable band in same vultures Picking every pouch clean Don’t you give me your dissembler grimace Don’t you tell me one sir thomas more linguistic rule How many lambs requisite you slaughter ahead you’re finally through?

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